Music for children

Der Atemberaubende Klang  |  2021/22, 10:00’  |  Class 6a of the Gymnasium Schönau (Black Forest)

Composition Workshop “KLANGRADAR: Adventure”, School Year 2021/22, commissioned by Burkhard Friedrich. Music teacher of the class: Philip Stade 

KLANGRADAR is a project run by ‘Netzwerk Junge Ohren’ and the ‘Zuhören’ Foundation in cooperation with the PwC Foundation, under the artistic direction of Burkhard Friedrich. It encourages children throughout Germany to explore sounds, develop musical ideas and compose experimental contemporary music.


Hommage à Beethoven  |  2021, 6:00’ |  for Ensemble

co-composer, in collaboration with the Albert-Schweitzer Youth Orchestra Gundelfingen and Janine Dömeland.

commissioned by Netzwerk Neue Musik Baden-Württemberg e.V. as a ‘Neues Zeug’ project


Sophie’s Valse  |  2017, 3:00’  |  for Youth Orchestra

commissioned by Dimitris Pekas


Das Mädchen und der Berg  |  2017, 4:00’  |   children’s piece for piano 

commissioned by the Carl Bechstein Foundation and the Musikverein Zeug & Quer e.V.


A tiny fly up in the sky   |   2016, 05:00’  |  3 children’s pieces for cello

commissioned by Clemens K. Thomas for the project ‘neues zeug’


Ballos  |  2015, 3:00’  |  for Youth String Orchestra

commissioned by Dimitris Pekas


Dreisam Träumerei  |  2015, 5:00’  |  for Cello, Piano, Percussion, 21 children of age between three and ten years old 

co-composer, in collaboration with Daniel Chernov.

commissioned by Camille Savage-Kroll for the project ‘Freiburg-Ost im Ohr’


Der Revolutionär  |  2015, 3:00’  |  for 4 Recorder head pieces (Sopran, Alt, Tenor und Bass)

commissioned by Clemens K. Thomas for the project ‘neues zeug’

Audio book


The witch Mour Mour   |   20:40’  
author: Maria Iordanidou

for alto, cello and piano

Fylatos Publishing (GR)